Jeremy Wilker

Jeremy Wilker

Minneapolis, MN
Jeremy Wilker


A light family-friendly board game for 2-6 players. 10-20 minutes playtime.

Life in the big city can sometimes feel small, especially when you are the pets of busy humans. But instead of being penned up all day, the curious creatures of Sky High Apartments secretly try out each others’ homes and have discovered their love of interior design!

In PETTERNS you take on the role of one of the many pets in Sky High Apartments and while your humans are working you run around and ‘collect’ your favorite design elements — wallpaper, windows, and furniture.

Your humans work long hours, but its just enough time for you to scamper, roll, flutter, and swim(?) through the building to find your favorite Petterns of the day.

Hi, I’m Jeremy and PETTERNS is my dream game. No, really, I literally had a very vivid dream of playing this game with some friends and in the dream I slowly realized that this was a game from my own mind and it woke me up and I quickly scrambled for pen and paper to write it down and draw some sketches before it faded away like morning mist. I hope you have fun with friends and family collecting your own favorite Petterns. Dream big!

Petterns © 2021 Jeremy Wilker